Writing Mentor Group Survey

Therapeutic massage and bodywork (TMB) together comprise a profession that is relatively young research-wise. Additionally, the TMB professions encourage participation by all members of the professions in research, though not all may have the research or writing experience to prepare manuscripts or abstracts for competitions, research conferences, or publication. This survey is to gather interest and information from those successful scientific authors who would be interested in being a writing mentor to authors. The IJTMB aims to provide a group list that the Executive Editor and/or Editor-in-Chief can use to connect mentors and authors. It is our hope that the mentor group will help increase the writing quality of manuscripts and abstracts submitted and then increase publications for the profession.

Mentors may simply offer guidance and review of manuscripts for acknowledgement or they may offer writing support for financial remuneration or authorship on the manuscript. All negotiations will be between the Mentors and the authors and those negotiations will not be guided by either the IJTMB nor the Massage Therapy Foundation.

The following survey will help us to gather the needed information to help create our Mentor database.

To be eligible to be a mentor, you must have experience as an author with scientific publication and writing and be willing to work with authors.

Finally, your information would not be shared with potential mentees without your consent.

Thank you for your interest.